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Occupational Standards Center (OSC) is a governmental regulatory and technical legislative body concerned with developing frameworks for skills development in cooperation and coordination with entities representing all economic sectors (in the name of Sectoral skills units - SSU) to leave a direct impact on national workforce development initiatives and on the overall local work environment. Specifically, the center acts as a regulatory authority to provide the overarching strategy, policy direction and regulatory criteria for the development and maintenance of competency-based standards.

National Occupational Standards

Setting the "National Occupational Standards" detailing the skills proficiency requirements for the employability and development of "Qualification Profiles (QP)".

National Occupational Standards Application

Creating "NOS applications" for career progression opportunities while delivering the industry ready workforce.

Register of National Occupation Standards

The central register/database of National Occupational Standards (NOSs) contains all current NOSs developed by all Sector Skills Units (SSUs) and approved by the Occupational Standards Center (OSC).

Register of Qualification Profiles

The central register/database of NOS-based Qualification Profiles (QP) contains all current QPs developed by all Sector Skills Units (SSUs) and approved by the Occupational Standards Center (OSC).

Sector Skills Units

The Occupational Standards Center is responsible for creating and managing a system for establishing and licensing entities representing the different economic sectors in Oman.

Sectoral Occupation Maps

OCS is supporting Sector Skills Units in development of Occupational Maps (OM). OM is the product of occupational analysis and it is a visual representation of the occupation/job hierarchy of the sector.

Latest News

A Joint Workshop for Training Sectoral Skills Units to formulate the Qualification Structure

For two day from (11-08-2020) to (12-08-2020), the Occupational Standards Center (OSC) conducted at OSC premises (Muscat – Al Khuwair), a training workshop for recent associates of the sector skills units (SSU) for the Logistics Sector Oil and Gas on the mechanism and methods of developing the qualifications structure within

Training Workshop for the Logistics Sector to Develop National Occupational Standards Package

For five day from (05-07-2020) to (09-07-2020), the Occupational Standards Center (OSC) conducted at OSC premises, a training workshop for the new team members of Sector Skills Unit (SSU) for the Logistics Sector on methods of developing the National Occupational Standards Package according to the technical manual approved by the

Technical Workshop to Develop the Occupational Map (OM) of the Logistics Sector

On Monday, (29-06-2020), the Occupational Standards Center (OSC) organized in coordination with Sectoral Skills Unit (SSU) for the Logistics Sector, a technical workshop at its premises (Muscat / Al-Khuwair) for Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the professions targeted in the logistical sector to review the draft Occupational Map developed for

National Occupational Standards developed

Qualification Profiles Developed

Sector Skills Units Licensed

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