Workshops to Develop National Occupational Standards for the Logistics Sector

Over three consecutive days (23-24/04/2019), The Oman Logistics Center of the (ASYAD Group) in cooperation with the Center for Occupational Standards (OSC) and the National Training Fund (NTF) organized in its premises, a technical workshops to complete the project of developing national occupational standards for the logistics sector. The workshops were held with the participation of technical experts from companies affiliated with the sector and specialists from educational and training institutions in addition to specialists from the Center for Professional Standards and the Asiad Group. As it prepared the initial draft of the national occupational standards in the areas of Warehousing Operations, Sales and Market Improvement and distribution, and Logistics Process Improvement Systems. As these workshops are considered the second stage of the project to develop national occupational standards for the logistical sector after the completion of the first phase of conducting field visits to the various work sites in the logistic sector companies in the Sultanate with the aim of getting to know the work environment closely and identify the challenges and work requirements and taking the opinions of workers and experts in these jobs and benefit from them In the process of developing national standards, it should be noted that the British Skills For Logistics Foundation has been used as a specialized authority to provide the necessary technical expertise in accomplishing this project with the desired quality.

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