Licensing the Sectoral Skills Unit for the Logistic Sector

On Tuesday, (17-12-2019), the Occupational Standards Center (OSC) at the general office of the Ministry of Manpower approved the granting of an official license to the Oman Logistics Association (OLA) to host the sectoral skills unit for the logistical sector, and this step comes as a translation of the efforts of the Ministry of Transport and the Omani International Group for Logistics (ASYAD)  in its initiative to develop national workforce through the development of Occupational standards for the sector, which resulted in the adoption of this orientation at the national level as one of the initiatives of the labor market and employment lab in the national program for economic diversification (TANFEEDH) through the Center for Occupational Standards in the Ministry of Manpower.  This license will establish the stage of establishing entities representative of the various economic sectors that are responsible for monitoring the structure and needs of the labor market in each sector, and translating them into knowledge products that align education and training outcomes with these needs.  Attended the facts of licensing representatives of the Ministries of Manpower and Transport, a number of major companies in the Sultanate’s logistical sector, and members of the Follow-up Committee for (TANFEEDH) initiatives, in addition to officials from the Occupational Standards Center and the Oman Logistics Association (OLA).


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