Technical Workshop to Develop the Occupational Map (OM) of the Logistics Sector

On Monday, (29-06-2020), the Occupational Standards Center (OSC) organized in coordination with Sectoral Skills Unit (SSU) for the Logistics Sector, a technical workshop at its premises (Muscat / Al-Khuwair) for Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the professions targeted in the logistical sector to review the draft Occupational Map developed for the sector according to the form approved by the Occupational Standards Center (OSC) and clarify how in which the sub-sectors and the occupational and job titles under them are identified with an explanation of the mechanism that will be followed when developing the map to link these titles with the skill levels and the National Qualifications Framework (under preparation by the Omani Academic Accreditation Authority). The workshop was attended by a number of representatives of institutions related to the Sultanate’s logistical sector, in addition to specialists and officials from the Occupational Standards Center (OSC), Oman Logistics Association (OLA) and the Omani Global Group for Logistics (ASYAD).