The OSC is responsible for creating and managing a system for establishing and licensing entities representing the different economic sectors in Oman.

These sectoral entities are called Sector Skills Units (SSUs). SSUs bring together all stakeholders, industry, human resources and academia for conducting research and development activities for skill development and skill up-gradation of Omani youth.

SSUs are responsible for creating procedures in accordance with the OSC guidelines that meet the regulatory obligations to develop and maintain National Occupational Standards (NOSs) and related products, conduct Labor Market Information Analysis (LMIA) and Quality Assurance (QA) frameworks.

Key Functions of SSUs

Identify the skills development needs of the sector
Develop National Occupational Standards Packs
Develop and implement skills certification schemes
Develop short-term, long term and apprenticeship programs
Develop guidelines for skill up-gradation and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) programs
Develop standards for Training of Trainers/Instructors
Promote academies of excellence for the sector
Develop protocols for qualification and assessments

Each SSU is managed by its Secretariat, which reports to the SSU Governing Board. The Governing board also appoints advisory committees for supporting activities of the SSU, and ensuring effective Industry participation. The structure, roles and responsibilities of the SSU Secretariat, Governing Board and advisory committees are defined as per the regulations and technical guidelines of the OSC.