SSU can be established as a new independent entity or within an existing entity to be called as a Hosting Organization. The legal status of the independent body or the Hosting Organization shall be a not-for-profit. This may include in the Sultanate of Oman:

  • A Non-profit Society
  • A Non-profit Company
  • A Government Organization
  • A Non-Government Organization

In order to be eligible to establish an independent SSU or host an SSU, the potential entity or Hosting Organization shall meet the prerequisites listed below: 

  • Registered in the Sultanate of Oman;
  • Functional/working in the respective sector;
  • Provide evidence of sector support to establish and host the SSU in the respective sector.
  • Has the required Human power to establish and operate the SSU
  • Has the required financial capability to operate the SSU.
  • Has the required office space and basic infrastructure for the proper functioning of the SSU?
  • Any other prerequisites as per the regulations and technical guidelines of the OSC.

Any entity which intends to establish or host an SSU shall follow the following process map to obtain the license for operation:

Further details on how to become an SSU can be found via the “Guideline for Establishment and Licensing of Sector Skills Units“ document in the “Regulations and Guidelines” page.