Sector profiles are in-depth documents that give insight into a sector, where it came from, and where it appears to be going. These are done by the respective SSUs with the help of Industry. A typical report looks at the industry leaders, the forces affecting the industry, and the workforce and financial data of the industry. Sectoral profiling is done by the respective SSU with the help of Industry.

The sectoral profile might cover the followings:

  1. Overview of the Sector;
  2. The history and evolution of a given industry/sector, such as oil and gas, manufacturing, logistics, etc.;
  3. Information on trends and workforce in the sector;
  4. Value Chain of the Sector (description of industry supply chain and process);
  5. Main products and services;
  6. Information on the current technology that’s in use in an industry/sector, along with recent advances and past technology that is out of date;
  7. The participants in an industry/sector;
  8. Expert views on the future of an industry/sector, including trends and opportunities;
  9. An outlook on the industry’s/sector’s future.

Sector Profiles will be published on the websites of the respective Sector Skills Units as well as on our website.