The Human Capital of any industry sector is organized in the occupational landscape of the sector and therefore understanding of this occupational landscape is essential for developing occupational standards.

The first step is thus to develop a map of the occupational landscape of the sector with the assistance of Industry. This map helps the Sector Skills Unit (SSU) to take the appropriate decision before and during the NOS development process. It also uncovers the actual length and breadth of the sector/occupation and sets out related occupations with relevant knowledge, skills and behaviors.

This map of the occupational landscape is what is called an Occupational Map (OM). It is the product of occupational analysis and it is a visual representation of the occupation/job hierarchy of the sector. It groups occupations with related knowledge, skills and behaviors into pathways, making it easier to see the opportunities for career progression within that particular route, and the movement within the industry and into and out of the sector.

The OM also provides a useful guide to show the technical and /or vocational education options available for interested individuals, as well as employers and training providers.

The Sectoral Occupational Map is considered a live product and the respective SSU is responsible for ensuring that their OM remains updated.

Developed Sectoral Occupational Maps will be published on the websites of the respective SSUs and on our website.