According to the OSC regulations, following the development of a NOS for a particular job role, the SSU shall also create a Qualification Profile (QP) aligned to the particular NOS. QP supports the development of competency-based (NOS based) training programs. A NOS pack thus has the following two components:

  1. National Occupational Standard (NOS)
  2. Qualification Profile (QP)

Qualification Profile (QP) is one of the direct applications of National Occupational Standards (NOSs) in developing an industry-ready workforce.

The QP is not a full qualification in itself but can be further developed into a full qualification by training providers, as it corresponds to all the necessary listing requirements of the Oman Qualification Framework (OQF).

Each QP is based on one NOS or a set of NOSs aligned to a particular training program resulting in a specific qualification. It comes with learning Objectives, Learning Outcomes, Assessment Criteria and Curriculum Structure.

Please check the QP Register for all the approved Qualification Profiles