Once the NOS Pack (NOS and Qualification Profile) is ready and approved by the sector, the SSU must initiate a formal approval process of the NOS Pack by the OSC. Approval of the OSC is mandatory for any public usage of the NOS packs.

In its application for a NOS pack approval, the SSU must ensure they consistently meet, and are able to show that they meet, all the quality criteria of the NOS pack approval, defined and published by the OSC. These criteria must be followed, and it is the responsibility of the SSU to ensure that these Quality Criteria have been applied to their development process of NOS, and provide evidence of compliance.

Quality Criteria for the NOS pack are developed by the OSC, based on International best practice. They are designed to ensure the development and continuing availability of relevant, up-to-date NOS of consistent quality, and accessible to users in a common format that aligns with International formats.

The Quality Criteria do not merely focus on what is required to produce a quality NOS pack. Rather, they take a broader, whole-system approach designed to deliver the right NOS pack to meet the needs of the sectors and ensure NOS and related QP are used effectively, both to develop the skills people need and to deliver significant business benefits, such as productivity, cost reduction, profitability, quality, risk-reduction, safety and continuity of employment.

Further details on the NOS pack Approval process can be found via Volume 3 – Approval and Quality Control of NOS Pack document in theRegulations and Guidelinespage.