NOS can be used in a wide range of human resource management and development activities, and have both economic and social outcomes. Hence, NOS are multipurpose instruments that serve a number of different purposes for varied stakeholders in education & training as well as within the labor market (employers as well as employees). NOS makes a major contribution to the design of high-quality education and training programs by ensuring they are directly linked to the needs of the workplace. Primarily NOS has below-mentioned applications:

  • Provides a tool for wide variety of workforce management & quality control
  • Offers a framework to design training and educational programs
  • Sets standards for selection & recruitment
  • Provides guidelines for certification/accreditation

AS depicted in the figure above NOS clearly is the core of the skill development initiatives in a country and bridges the gap between world of education and Industry.  In Omani context OSC, encourages the SSU to develop NOS along with Qualification profile (referred to as NOS pack) which helps the varied users, including industry and training providers.  This brings us to below listed Application of NOS pack, that OSC strives to focus on:

  1. Developing Program Affiliation Guidelines for Training providers.
  2. Developing Qualifications or training programs for Trainees
    1. Apprenticeships
    2. Short & Long term programs
    3. Skill up-gradation & RPL
  3. Developing training programs for Trainers/ Instructors
  4. Developing Skill Certification schemes