Program Affiliation is used to define a process of establishing the competence of any institution desiring of delivering vocational training from OQF levels 1 to 10 which is based on National Occupational Standards (NOSs) created by a Sector Skills Unit (SSU).

Any Education Body/ Vocational Training provider (VTP) can seek affiliation from a Sector Skill Unit in delivering the requisite elements of a NOS based vocational training. The affiliation process conducted by an SSU will carry out an evaluation of capability, competence and availability of the required infrastructure of the training provider willing to deliver NOS based training. The requisite elements like curriculum and program-specific infrastructure and assessment requirements are clearly listed by the SSU in the respective Qualification profiles, which helps the TP in creating a complete qualification. Program Affiliation focuses on two key factors:

  1. Availability of required Infrastructure and resources
  2. Suitability for recognition of qualification/course/ program

The alignment of an SSU and a VTP/ Education Body through the process of Affiliation will focus on learning and development of the learners so that they are readily employable in the sector. The process is also expected to encourage VTPs to exhibit continual excellence so that the study programs delivered by them are always aligned with the requirements of the sector. Thus the purpose of Affiliation is to maintain high standards of quality in delivering NOS based vocational training.

Some of the salient objectives of Affiliation include:

  • To assess VTP institutions/ Education bodies and their programs that meet defined quality standards set up by the SSU in delivering NOS based training. The Qualification pack for the selected NOS ‘s shall guide the process
  • To foster excellence in VTP institutions building effectiveness in delivering NOS or competency-based training.
  • To establish a framework for continuous improvement and provide an opportunity to benchmark with other institutions/ centers of excellence in India and abroad.
  • To facilitate developing the professional competency of the learners in tune with the requirements of the sector
  • To conduct a quality audit and quality control to ensure that the students are readily deployable and industry-ready.

SSUs by way of Affiliation will give access to the affiliating partners to a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Alignment of training to OQF leading to equivalence with educational degrees, diplomas and certifications.
  • Ratification of NOS pack based curriculum
  • Capacity-building – Training of Trainers by the SSUs
  • Assessment of trainees on NOS pack based curriculum
  • Access to the reports on the Sectoral Researches conducted by the SSU
  • Participation in the various Sector-Specific programs (an opportunity to connect with the industry)