Apprenticeship is a Skill Training program wherein a person is engaged by a company as an apprentice and gains classroom learning for a period, followed by on-the-job (practical) training. It is thus a form of “work-based learning”, where it combines the part-time formal training with the experience at the workplace and result in a recognized qualification”. Apprentice programs provide a mechanism for new workers to learn trades through a combination of paid on the job training and classroom instruction. Common apprentice occupations include plumber, electrician, heating and air conditioning technician, carpenter, machinist, and mechanic. Training typically lasts one to three years

It is a special system of employment for training in skilled trades. In contrast to the traditional TVET program, an apprentice gains the skills, knowledge and experience of a chosen trade while serving an apprenticeship and become qualified in it.

National Occupational Standards-based apprenticeship programs develop the students to match the current and future skills agreed by the employer. NOS helps in developing uniformity in the apprenticeship program while leaving the room for an employer to add on any specific requirement.

NOS pack Developed by SSU’s can be readily used for creating Apprenticeship programs, as it clearly mentions learning outcomes that a learner is desired to achieve, and provides details about Notional theory and practical study hours along with the need of on the job training.

SSUs can support the Training providers and organizations willing to conduct Apprenticeship programs.  SSUs shall develop Apprenticeship Frameworks (approved by the OSC) and work with employers in their sectors to ensure that all Frameworks meet the needs of employers in their sectors. These, framework shall clearly define the role and responsibilities of each stakeholder along with program timelines.

Key benefits for Students

  • Earn while you learn
  • Hand-on training
  • Training in the skills employers want
  • Excellent progression opportunities
  • Increased future earning potential

Key benefits for Employer

  • Skilled workforce
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce turnover
  • Retain workers
  • Customizable training

SSU Apprenticeship programs (logo of SSU and programs)