National Occupational Standards Pack developed by the SSUs gives training providers an opportunity to develop both Short term and Long term programs, keeping in mind a Job Role or an occupation. One NOS Pack alone can only be used to derive the short term course however multiple related NOSs and /or NOS Packs can be put together to derive the long term programs.

Trainees may choose a program based on his/her needs largely depending on, what stage of career they are in. A trainee starting his/her career might look for long term courses leading to recognized certification/diploma or a degree however in the middle of the career one may need to up-grade or re-skill and might seek a short duration program.

Normally, short duration courses are 3-9 months long and result in certificate level qualifications and courses more than 1-year duration are generally referred as long term programs and lead to diploma level qualifications.

SSUs are developing the Qualification Profile for each NOS, which can be utilized by the Training Providers to develop the full qualification (Short or Long) in alignment with the Omani Qualification framework based on the demand of the labour market.

Students may check the available program for the sector with respective SSUs.