Occupational Standards Center works closely with the Sector Skills Units as industry-led organizations, starting from supporting their establishment and heading towards supporting their full operation to develop, implement and maintain National Occupational Standards (NOSs) and their applications. The OSC is particularly responsible for providing the following services:

Identify and license Sector Skills Units (SSUs).
Define and update the regulatory framework for the functioning of the SSUs.
Define and update the processes for the development and maintenance of National Occupational Standards (NOSs) and their applications by the SSUs.
Supervise the SSUs in determining and implementing NOS applications.
Define and update the quality assurance protocols for the SSUs’ functioning, and development of NOSs and their applications.
Conduct Capacity building activities for supporting SSU establishment and functioning
Act as custodian of all the National Registries related to NOSs Standards and their applications.
Take up the responsibility of the development of NOSs and their applications for specific Job roles in the absence of a relevant SSU.